Dr. Gregory Brammer – The Main Problems with Ketogenic Diets

As an expert physician who often provides EMS services, Dr. Gregory Brammer regularly meets patients who have been admitted to the hospital because of an eating disorder or have followed an extreme diet. While Ketogenic diets are popular, which is not necessarily a good thing, they should still be considered extreme for a variety of medical and dietary reasons.

Dr Gregory Brammer

First the Facts

Ketosis occurs in the human body when for whatever – usually dietary – reasons, it cannot get enough carbohydrates to maintain traditional glucose synthesis. It can handle it in the end, but only because it is a remarkable biological machine, and not because ketogenic diets are in fact good. Any diet that provides at least 70% of the daily caloric intake from fat can be considered ketogenic. In these cases, the body has no other resolve but to rely on ketone metabolism.

Is It Good?

The short answer is no. The main problem with the diet is that it works, but not for reasons many people mistakenly think. A ketogenic diet will cause weight loss in the vast majority of the cases, but not because the body was magically turned into a more efficient biological machine. In fact, the opposite happens. The body struggles while being in a ketogenic state, and the weight loss simply happens because of the reduced daily caloric intake. Anybody who cuts out carbohydrates – easily the most calorically dense energy source – almost entirely will fall well below their normal maintenance calories.

Dr. Gregory Brammer hopes that people will choose carbohydrate moderation instead of drastic ketogenic diets, and still enjoy the same benefits without the associated risks.