Dr. Gregory Brammer on the Evolution of Emergency Care

As one of the foremost experts in his field within the medical society, Dr. Gregory Brammer understands the importance of emergency care. Despite its obviously huge impact, emergency care is actually a fairly recent addition to medicine. Before the 1960s, hospitals did not have the necessary infrastructure or even manpower that would have allowed them to save lives in the most efficient and effective manner.

Dr Gregory Brammer

Another key problem was lack of training. The medical professionals rarely possessed the knowledge or the experience that was very much needed in the field. The American medical system often relied on foreign medical students to change the conditions. Luckily for the field, with a prolonged and collective effort over the last forty years, emergency departments have come a long way. They have become highly efficient and controlled medical environments that are amazingly well equipped to save lives.

The appeal of these controlled environments is very clear. For those without insurance, it can be a place of hope. To the budding physician it provides an ideal place to test his or her skills. While it is undeniable that the emergency care system is extremely important, the balance between the demand and capacity remains fragile. Nearly all hospitals have to deal with this phenomenon, and the cost cutting obviously does not help.

As a practicing physician and emergency care expert who spent the last fifteen years in the field, Dr. Gregory Brammer hopes that these problems can be solved within the next couple of decades by taking EMS services to new heights.

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